Information for visually impaired visitors

Service Anti Captcha provides a platform for solving various captcha types by one users to other users. We have customers who pay workers a small reward for each solved captcha. Workers usually reside in developing countries such as Vietnam, Venezuela, Indonesia, Ukraine and others.

To use our service customers utilise special apps which connect to application program interface or API of our service. Such app sends captcha data to our API, which is then assigned to an idle worker. Worker solves captcha, submits result and it is then transmitted back to customer app.

Each task costs a fraction of a United States dollar and you pay for each task. A thousand image captcha solutions cost seventy cents. A thousand google recaptcha solutions cost about two dollars.

To start using our service you need to register, topup your balance and copy special thirty two bytes long access key to the application you use. If you want to use our service in Chrome browser, you can install plugin made by our team. Unfortunately Google has banned our plugin in their Plugins Store and you have to install it manually via extensions page in settings. Instructions for plugin installation are located on another website - We recommend visually impaired users to start with plugin installation and come back in case of success for account registering. Here are the links you will need.