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Anti-captcha documentation

Supported task types

API methods

createTask: create a task and receive its ID
getTaskResult: pull a task result by its ID
getBalance: request remaining balance of your account
getQueueStats: retrieve real time capacity statistics
reportIncorrectRecaptcha: report a Recaptcha token which wasn't successful
reportCorrectRecaptcha: report an accepted Recaptcha token
reportIncorrectImageCaptcha: report image captcha text solution
test: debug your JSON POST requests with this method
getSpendingStats: retrieve account spending statistics

API for partners and resellers

getAppStats: retrieve stats of how your app is performing in Anti-Captcha
sendFunds: send funds from your account to another one
generateCoupons: generate coupons for specified amount
getResellerData: retrieve coupons list and reseller's account balance