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This page exists here only to fulfill requirements of some payment systems.

Le petit FAQ

Q: What can you offer for me, I want to solve XXX,XXX captchas per month?
A: We can't provide individual offers but we have automated discounts based on daily tasks volumes. You'll find info inside.

Q: Give me Skype/phone/messengers for faster contact.
A: Fastest way to contact us is only via tickets inside customers area. This way we know more about our business and can help you better.

Q: I want to ask some questions before I register.
A: No talks if you are not our customer, don't even spend your time mailing us. Your message will be 100% ignored.

Q: Do you work with companies?
A: We don't work with companies, only with individuals. We don't provide invoices, bills and other things.

Q: I want to solve captchas, where do I register?
A: Go to

Q: Where do I find answers for my remaining questions?
A: Register, go to support section and you'll find them there.