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AntiGateTask: an ultimate solution to bypass any captcha

This is a type of task where your app provides a page URL address and a custom assignment for our workers. They complete it step by step and then return their complete browser fingerprint and cookies to your app, which it can use to continue the session.

For the full description of technology please refer to this article, or this YouTube tutorial.

Note that there are optional proxy parameters. Only HTTPS proxies are accepted, "proxyAddress" must be an IP address.

Task object

Property Type Required Purpose
type String Yes AntiGateTask
websiteURL String Yes Address of a target web page where our worker will navigate.
templateName String Yes Name of a scenario template from our database. You can use an existing template or create your own. You may search for an existing template below this table.
variables Object Yes An object containing template's variables and their values.
domainsOfInterest Array No List of domain names where we should collect cookies and localStorage data. This list can also be defined statically when editing а template.
proxyAddress String No Proxy IP address ipv4/ipv6. No host names or IP addresses from local networks.
proxyPort Integer No Proxy port
proxyLogin String No Login for proxy which requires authorization (basic)
proxyPassword String No Proxy password

Templates collection

Template name and description
No templates found with your query
Task with a proxy
          Click "view" button at one of the templates
Task without proxies
          Click "view" button at one of the templates
Template steps
Author's contacts

Response example

JSON with no errors
    "errorId": 0,
    "taskId": 7654321
JSON with an error
    "errorId": 1,
    "errorCode": "ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST",
    "errorDescription": "Account authorization key not found in the system"

Retrieve the solution

Use method getTaskResult to request the solution. Give the worker about 5 seconds before making your first request. If the worker is still busy, retry in 3 seconds.

Task solution object

Property Type Purpose
cookies Object An object with cookies grabbed at the last page visited by a worker.
localStorage Object Similar to cookies, an object with localStorage values grabbed at the last page.
fingerprint Object Browser fingerprint parameters. Use them along with cookies and localStorage to recreate worker browser session in your software.
url String URL of the page where execution of the template was finished
domain String Domain name of the final page
HTMLsInBase64 Array An array of HTML snapshots of the page areas encoded in base64. Snapshots are taken by "TAKE_HTML_SNAPSHOT_BY_SELECTOR" steps in AntiGate templates.
screenshots Array Screenshots taken from worker's browser, if any. To order screenshots, add TAKE_SCREENSHOT step to your template.
requestHeaders Array Request headers from "domainsOfInterest", if any. To order headers, enable option "Collect request HTTP headers from domains of interest" in your template
responseHeaders Array Response headers from "domainsOfInterest", if any. To order headers, enable option "Collect response HTTP headers from domains of interest" in your template

Response example

JSON with no errors
    "errorId": 0,
    "status": "ready",
    "solution": {
        "cookies": {
            "_ym_uid": "1637841149407895406",
            "_ym_d": "1637841149",
            "_ym_isad": "2",
            "i18n_redirected2": "en"
        "localStorage": {
            "_ym40786994_lsid": "322553582843",
            "_ym40786994_reqNum": "3",
            "_ym_fip": "\"65aac1083a9e31e5db7fc4a33816f1da-a81f3b9bcdd80a361c14af38dc09b309-a81f3b9bcdd80a361c14af38dc09b309-4bd84c89c35a312599d807af285e7b5f-615e6e8d95ae2de0910b550b0e4dfce2-00b2e6de4e7f2e69dd7de8ef95c7338a-61b9878bbce18de73aafc8582a198c0c-33ad8703f96139d946191563a4c623e6-a81f3b9bcdd80a361c14af38dc09b309-c6d7b47b2dcff33f80cab17f3a360d0b-a95e7098ce4ab7ec9daa7fb4154b8ff4\"",
            "_ym_retryReqs": "{}",
            "_ym40786994_lastHit": "1637841164076",
            "_ym_uid": "\"1637841149407895406\""
        "fingerprint": {
            "self.navigator.userAgent": "Mozilla\/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; rv:94.0) Gecko\/20100101 Firefox\/94.0",
            "self.screen.width": 1280,
            "self.screen.height": 768,
            "self.screen.availWidth": 1280,
            "self.screen.availHeight": 728,
            "self.screen.availLeft": 0,
            "self.screen.availTop": 0,
            "self.navigator.vendorSub": "",
            "self.navigator.productSub": "20100101",
            "self.navigator.vendor": "",
            "self.navigator.maxTouchPoints": 0,
            "self.navigator.hardwareConcurrency": 2,
            "self.navigator.cookieEnabled": true,
            "self.navigator.appCodeName": "Mozilla",
            "self.navigator.appName": "Netscape",
            "self.navigator.appVersion": "5.0 (Windows)",
            "self.navigator.platform": "Win32",
            "self.navigator.product": "Gecko",
            "self.navigator.language": "en-US",
            "self.navigator.onLine": true,
            "self.navigator.doNotTrack": "unspecified"
        "url": "https:\/\/\/tutorials\/success-page?login=some%20login&pass=the%20password",
        "domain": "",
        "domainsOfInterest": {
            "": {
                "cookies": {
                    "example": "value",
                    "comment": "This will be available when you fill a list of Domains Of Interest in the template itself or via domainsOfInterest parameter in the task object"
                "localStorage": {
                    "example": "localStorage value"
                "url": "",
                "domain": ""
        "screenshots": [],
        "requestHeaders": [],
        "responseHeaders": []
    "cost": "0.00858",
    "ip": "",
    "createTime": 1637841143,
    "endTime": 1637841189,
    "solveCount": 0