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List of API Errors

This is the list of errors our API may produce. We strongly advise developers to log and analyze all API errors and take appropriate and timely action, like fixing bugs in your app and distributing updates to your users. We actively protect our API from "nonsense" requests, which, for example, produce the same error if the same request is repeated over and over again. This includes IP and subnet bans as well as account suspensions in some severe cases.

Identifier Code Description
0 Code 0 is for "no errors".
1 ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST Account authorization key not found in the system. Make sure you copied it correctly without spaces or tabulation signs.
2 ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE No idle captcha workers are available at the moment; customers should increase their maximum bid in the API settings in the client area or choose less busy hours to create tasks. You'll find more information about how bids work in FAQ.
3 ERROR_ZERO_CAPTCHA_FILESIZE The size of the captcha you are uploading is less than 100 bytes.
4 ERROR_TOO_BIG_CAPTCHA_FILESIZE The size of the captcha you are uploading is more than 500,000 bytes.
10 ERROR_ZERO_BALANCE Account has zero or negative balance.
11 ERROR_IP_NOT_ALLOWED You are not allowed to make requests from your IP with your current account key. Please refer to IP list section located in security settings inside client area.
12 ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE 5 different workers could not solve the Captcha. Customers are charged for these tasks because our workers spend time performing them.
12 ERROR_BAD_DUPLICATES 100% recognition feature did not work because of insufficient number of guesses.
14 ERROR_NO_SUCH_METHOD Request made to API with a method that does not exist. This usually happens when programmers mistype method names.
15 ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED Could not determine captcha file type from its exif header or the image type is not supported. The only allowed formats are JPG, GIF, PNG. Images must contain an EXIF header containing information about the image type.
16 ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_ID The captcha you are requesting does not exist in your active captchas list or has expired.
Captchas are removed from the API 60 seconds after the worker completes the task. During this period, your app should send all task result polls and correct/incorrect reporting requests.
21 ERROR_IP_BLOCKED Your IP is blocked due to improper use of API. Check the reason here.
22 ERROR_TASK_ABSENT "task" property is empty or not set in the createTask method.
23 ERROR_TASK_NOT_SUPPORTED Task type is not supported or typed incorrectly. Please check "type" property in the task object.
24 ERROR_INCORRECT_SESSION_DATA Some of the required values for successive user emulation are missing. API output contains more details about what is missing.
25 ERROR_PROXY_CONNECT_REFUSED Could not connect to task proxy, connection refused.
Learn more about working with proxy in this FAQ section.
26 ERROR_PROXY_CONNECT_TIMEOUT Could not connect to task proxy, connection timed out.
Learn more about working with proxy in this FAQ section.
27 ERROR_PROXY_READ_TIMEOUT Reading timeout of task's proxy
Learn more about working with proxy in this FAQ section.
28 ERROR_PROXY_BANNED Proxy IP banned by target service.
29 ERROR_PROXY_TRANSPARENT Task denied at proxy checking state. Proxy must be non-transparent to hide our server IP. Use our proxy checker tool to debug your proxy.
30 ERROR_RECAPTCHA_TIMEOUT Recaptcha task timeout, probably due to slow proxy server or Google server
31 ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_SITEKEY Captcha provider reported that the site key is invalid.
32 ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_DOMAIN Captcha provider reported that the domain for this site key is invalid.
33 ERROR_RECAPTCHA_OLD_BROWSER Captcha provider reported that the browser user-agent is not compatible with their javascript
34 ERROR_TOKEN_EXPIRED Captcha provider server reported that the additional variable token has expired. Please try again with a new token.
35 ERROR_PROXY_HAS_NO_IMAGE_SUPPORT Proxy does not support transfer of image data from Google servers. Use our proxy checker tool to debug your proxy.
36 ERROR_PROXY_INCOMPATIBLE_HTTP_VERSION Proxy does not support long GET requests with length about 2000 bytes and does not support SSL connections. Use our proxy checker tool to debug your proxy.
49 ERROR_PROXY_NOT_AUTHORISED Proxy login and password are incorrect. Use our proxy checker tool to debug your proxy.
51 ERROR_INVISIBLE_RECAPTCHA An attempt was made to solve an Invisible Recaptcha as if it was a regular one.
52 ERROR_FAILED_LOADING_WIDGET Could not load captcha provider widget in worker browser. Please try sending a new task.
53 ERROR_VISIBLE_RECAPTCHA Attempted solution of usual Recaptcha V2 as Recaptcha V2 invisible. Remove flag 'isInvisible' from the API payload.
No workers left that were not filtered by reportIncorrectRecaptcha method.
55 ERROR_ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED The system has suspended your account for a significant reason. Contact support for details.
56 ERROR_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND AntiGate template not found by its name during task creation.
57 ERROR_TASK_CANCELED AntiGate task was canceled by worker. See "errorDescription" field for the cancellation reason.