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getQueueStats: obtain queue load statistics

This method makes it possible to define a suitable time for uploading a new task. Output is cached for 10 seconds.

Address: https://api.anti-captcha.com/getQueueStats
Method: POST
Content-type: application-json

Request properties

Property Type Required Purpose
queueId Integer Yes Identifier of a queue. The following queues are available:

1 - ImageToText, English
2 - ImageToText, Russian
5 - Recaptcha v2 with proxy
6 - Recaptcha v2 without proxy
7 - Funcaptcha with proxy
10 - Funcaptcha without proxy
12 - GeeTest with proxy
13 - GeeTest without proxy
18 - Recaptcha V3 s0.3
19 - Recaptcha V3 s0.7
20 - Recaptcha V3 s0.9
21 - hCaptcha with proxy
22 - hCaptcha without proxy
23 - Recaptcha Enterprise V2 with proxy
24 - Recaptcha Enterprise V2 without proxy
25 - AntiGateTask
26 - Turnstile with proxy
27 - Turnstile without proxy

Request example

          curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -X POST -d '{ "queueId": 6 }' \

Response structure

Property Type Purpose
waiting Integer Number of idle workers online, waiting for a task
load Double Queue load as a percentage
bid Double Average task solution cost in USD
speed Double Average task solution speed in seconds
total Integer Total number of workers

Response example

JSON with no errors
    "total": 610